Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I know I'm in California, but it still feels springier than spring should for still being March.  We supposedly have this 'rainstorm' going on right now, but so far it's rained maybe twice, in short spurts, and through my window it's all blue skies and puffy gray-white clouds.  This was officially the warmest winter on record in California, and I feel cheated.  (But also relieved, because when we moved in we took out the wall heating so we could put up bookshelves.  Books > not freezing.)  Anyway, it's spring!  There's green garlic at the farmer's market (which I bought for the first time) and the hills here are turning green and there are mustard flowers and daffodils starting to crop up along the freeway, and the days have settled more into a routine again, this time with my little buddy.  (Who is nearly nine months old!!!  How/why.)

I don't usually do anything for Lent--it was never really a thing when I was growing up--but I've been feeling really heavy this year with so much horrible news everywhere.  From people I love, and also just in the news in general; it feels like the world is at a particularly depressing point in its history.  So for Lent I gave up a bunch of websites I usually read, which has had the effect of making me wallow less in depressing things I can't change, but has also had the effect of making me a more compulsive Facebook/Twitter/email checker than ever before.  Also I've gotten really good at loopholes.  (It doesn't count if I follow the link from elsewhere, right?  What if I just google the author's name?)  When's Easter?  Lent is super long.

In other news, I finally have a title and a release date for my book!  Conviction, to publish on May 5, 2015.  I swear it's easier to write a 300-page book than a one-line title, by the way.  I turned in my first round of revisions recently, and after this there will be some more revisions from my editor, line edits where everything's worked over on a sentence-by-sentence level, copy edits, and then cover design, a galley, etc.  Last week I saw three writer friends' cover designs, and they were spectacular and made me all weepy and filled with happy thoughts about how books are magic, writing is magic, publishing is amazing, etc.  Then last night on Twitter I saw someone ask "How stable a career is being an author?" and, lol.  I had a good laughcry over that one.

Meanwhile, I'm in the middle of drafting two new books.  By 'in the middle of,' I actually mean in the first maybe one percent of.  It's so weird going from a project where you know the whole world and all the characters really intimately, and everything's structured and holds together, and then all of a sudden there's ... nothing.  If I were a more exciting kind of person it would probably feel freeing and exciting, but mostly it just makes me want to go on Gawker binges (which won't happen until Easter; see: Lent).  

Also, baseball season is going to start soon.  Best news ever.  I can't wait.  

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  1. Yay for your new title! Love it. Also, I've had to stop paying attention to the news lately too. I feel much happier as a result. I figure if I really need to know about something, I'll hear about it eventually. I don't need to read an entire article about it.