Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A few quick takes

- My baby turned two months old last week!  She's also started smiling and cooing, and the gummy little smiles turn my heart into a quivering pile of mush.  She's so funny.  Her little expressions and emerging opinions are unreal, like she's a little practice human.

- Ten years late, I'm finally watching West Wing, and it's so good and well-written and well-acted and makes me feel all hopeful excited about America and about democracy.  Did you watch it?  Can we discuss it together forever?  Why is C. J. the absolute best?

- My friend and I have been playing the best text game ever this week where one of us names a category and then we both send a picture of our respective little besties that fits the category.  I was convulsing laughing at Category: Possessed:

That's a dog, by the way, not a demon-cat.  (And the lower one is a baby who's usually cuter and not frothing quite so enthusiastically at the mouth.)

- The new Twitter with its threading-replies-system-thing is THE LIVING WORST.  I hate it so hard.

- Fun fact: September 19th is apparently International Talk Like A Pirate Day, according to ... whomever designates these days.  (There's a day for everything.  My favorite is the one for doughnuts, which actually is every day, if you have the right attitude about it.)  And, for my writer friends, if you or writers you know tweet with the hashtag #YABpiratetalk, you have a fantastic shot at winning some piratey goodies plus a manuscript critique!  In fact one of the manuscript critiques will be from me, and I am, actually, an excellent reader, and would love to see what you're working on.

Happy International Talk Like A Pirate Day, all!  Here's to devoting days to the little days.


  1. Love the baby photos! She's such a cutie. And those "possessed" photos are seriously hilarious. :P Also have to agree with you on the Twitter threading replies thing. It's just terrible. I wish all of these social media platforms would stop making changes that drive the masses crazy.

    Have a wonderful day, Kelly! :D

  2. You're daughter is adorable! Happy 2 month birthday to her! :)

  3. Sweet baby girl. :-) The 19th was the Moon Festival this year. The moon wasn't very big, but it sure was bright. I tried twitter and I'm terrible at it, I gave up. Glad to see that you guys are doing well. Take care.

  4. Have I mentioned that I visit your blog for my cute baby photo fix? She's so cuuuuute, Kelly!! And I just love that you're already reading to her. :)